All Tibetans living in the Netherlands are eligible to join our Community. We urge all Tibetans over the age of 18 to register for membership and contribute to our community. It is very much appreciated if young people under 18 also want to contribute.

Tibetans are those who meets the criteria of Chapter 1 article 8 of the Charter of the Tibetans-in-Exile.
Following are the sections of Article 8 of Chapter 1;

Section 1; All Tibetans born in Tibet territory and those born in other countries are eligible as citizens of Tibet. Any person whose biological mother or biological father is of Tibetan descent has the right to become a citizen of Tibet; or
Section 2;Any Tibetan refugee who has had to adopt citizenship of another country under compelling circumstances may retain Tibetan citizenship provided he or she fulfills the provisions prescribed in Article 13 of this Charter; or
Section 3; Any person, although formally a citizen of another country, who has been legally married to a Tibetan citizen for more than three years and who wishes to become a citizen of Tibet, can do so in accordance with the laws passed by the Tibetan Assembly .

Board Members

In the year 2005, a new Tibetan welfare organisation was founded in Netherlands. It is based on key principals highlighting the importance of maintaining the non-sectarian and non-regionalistic attitude or way of life. After two terms of appointments of staffs and subsequently completing their terms, the welfare organisation finally transformed into a proper foundation in the year 2008 with people participating in a democratic process of electing their President, Vice president and other board members, who then carry the organisation further.
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