Donation for Tibetan Cultural Center.

Help preserve the unique language and culture of Tibetans in the Netherlands. Contribute to the establishment of a Tibetan Cultural Center.

Tibetans in the Netherlands
Since the Chinese occupation in 1959, millions of Tibetans have fled Tibet because they
cannot practice their unique Tibetan culture, language and religion in their own country.
From there, Tibetans have settled all over the world. In the Netherlands, a vibrant Tibetan
community has blossomed, growing to over 1,000 members in recent years. In order to
preserve their language and culture in exile, members of the Tibetan community have
established a language school in Amsterdam. Tibetan children from all over the Netherlands
come to the school every Sunday for free lessons in their native language.

Tibetan cultural center
However, the location is too small, and renting offers no certainty for the future. Therefore,
as a next step, the Tibetan community would like to establish a Tibetan cultural center in
Amsterdam, where Tibetan children - and others - can get lessons in the Tibetan language.
The center can also host activities and events around the unique Tibetan culture and