Tibetan language

At the moment, there are about 1000 Tibetans who are living in the Netherlands among which there are a good number of Tibetan children.

So as to pass our unique Tibetan language, spiritual knowledge, traditions and ethics, we as a Tibetan community have established a Tibetan weekend school which is named Gangjong Rigzod Lobdra (Snowland’s School of treasures). We have maintained and further strengthened classes on the above-mentioned topics which are taught to the younger generations aged above four.

The school consists of 90 young Tibetans, age varying from four to twenty. Despite facing number of challenges, such as sufficient access to classrooms and finding enough teachers for the students, the community has overcome those barriers. As a result every Sunday, Tibetan language, literature and ethics are taught to the Tibetan children. We continue to work towards dispelling any risks whatsoever to our languages, tradition and culture, which represents our Tibetan identity. To pass on these significantly important subjects to our younger generations (the seeds of our future), we have continuously strived without any hesitation whatsoever to the expenditures and cost involved.

As important as it is, to hold the practice of preserving our language, culture and tradition, we need to strive it without being disheartened by whatever internal and external obstacles. we have experienced till now or may encounter in future. This being one of the core activities of great importance of past, present and future of the Tibetan Community in the Netherlands.

Preforming Arts

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Cultural program

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